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DhruvMC : My Introduction

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DhruvMC : My Introduction Empty DhruvMC : My Introduction

Post by DhruvMC on 2nd October 2014, 9:53 pm

Hi Everyone I Am Giving My Intro After A Lot Of Time I Mean A Lot Shocked
My Bro Is Inferno Afcourse Our Clan Leader I Am The Head Admin
My Hobbies Are Arduino Projects. Making Maps With XiBoss55 .
I Wanted To Have More People Involved In Our Maps .
Mainly Kurumi We Need Lua Scripts Bad . Who Ever Wants To Join Please Make A Skype Account If You Do Not Have One.
Add DhruvMC To Your Skype Then. Oh I Almost Forgot This Is An Introduction I Live In India .
I Am Quite Good In Computers Atleast Open My Comp 2 or 3 Times A Year . Cuz It Has Problems Pretty Often . So Kurumi Pls Join Us In Our Map Making .

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